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5 Tips For Beginners Learning Pottery

Pottery is a hobby in the art that attracts many. People may feel like trying it but then never find the right time and place to start learning it. The idea of pottery may not seem practical to be done at home. However, the experts believe that it is pretty easy to start learning pottery with a small space and a little dedication. You do not necessarily need a big studio to enjoy pottery. Here are the tips every beginner should know about pottery.

Join a class

You can learn pottery through books, videos, and audios, only when you are very, very talented. However, for most people, a mentor is necessary to help them truly connect with the art. Experts have found that only those who take the classes for pottery are the ones who end up creating their home studio for pottery, compared to those who start from watching videos and eventually give up. A mentor can help you learn and everything about pottery.

Learning Pottery

Start out small

Big or small, you need a pottery studio for your home. This is where you will be the most creative and free to make anything you want. You do not need to invest much in it. Start out small with only the necessary equipment. You will need a sturdy table for work and the basic tools, including the wheel. You can even look for a used wheel on the internet if your budget is low.

Learn to enjoy the mess

Most people do not enjoy pottery because it is a work in a mess. But that is the fun part about it. Find a place around your home that does not need to stay clean all the time. You can use this space for pottery. Even the spills from your work should not bother you for cleaning. Garages and basements are the best places for a pottery studio. Make sure you call an estate cleanout company to make room for your new space. Enjoy the kind of dirty experience pottery provides.

Keep practical expectations

practical expectations

Always keep practical expectations from pottery. Do not try to create a masterpiece on your first attempt. The key to learning pottery is to be consistent in creating pots. Most experienced potters also reject many pieces if it does not come out perfect. Do not be afraid to create imperfect pots. Consider pottery a lifelong experience. Soon, you will have pottery fed to your palms for natural creation.

Learn different techniques

There are different types of pottery techniques. The wheel is one of the many pottery techniques available to us. Other methods allow you to be even more creative. You can use the hand-building technique to create unique pieces like plates, bowls, and other designs. You can join different clubs of pottery where they teach different methods. Connect with people and learn what methods they find the most comfortable.

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