May 5, 2014


Hi everyone out there,

I'm still making baby steps toward releasing my Sawdust and Dirt podcast and get closer each day. Pots are being made and gardens are being planted, too!

Today I just wanted to direct you to one of my favorite podcasts, The Brian R Jonescast.

Brian recently sat down with Silvie Granatelli and recorded their conversation. It's Brian's 50th release and it's his best to date! IMHO

courtesy of Brian R Jones.
There are too many words of wisdom from Silvie to publish here, but one of my favorites comes toward the end of the talk. Brian asks how Silvie feels about her legacy as a mentor to so many,
"And whether they are potters or not, I never really cared. It was just that [they] made the commitment during those two years that they would pretend that they were potters and tried to see what it felt like. “ah, that’s what it took.” Because when you start [out], you’re pretending."
I completely agree!

I feel that way as a parent sometimes and I've tried to explain to my daughters that we're all in this life together going into it, trying to do our best at something we have little experience with. We learn and we grow.

Congrats Brian! I look forward to many more of your interviews.