March 11, 2014

One Conference After Another

I've  learned my lesson after NOT being able to complete Pt 2 of the blog covering my wunderbar experience at the St. Pete Clay Florida Heat! SO,  before the wunderbar-ness evaporates as I re-enter all the stuff that needs to be done this week, before glazing, firing, and going to the next conference (#NCECA2014) I want to share some of the pics from the superb 27th NC Potters Conference.

My experience can't be summed up in just pics, especially with so few pics, but that'll have to do for now.

Thanks for looking.
what to wear at a conference

one more before I go
some last minute pottery swiping

ice storm cancelled most of the first days events. ;-(

the "not really photoshopped" pic of
Shapiro and Gill lighting up

live podcast interview with Dwight Holland
hosted by my podcast mentors, Ben Carter and Brian R. Jones

the AMAZING Michelle Erikson 
podderycast giants

the AMAZING John Gill
"throwing" a pot cross section with paper and scissors

Erikson squirrels

the gang at lunch. (l-r, Kyle Carpenter, Mark Shapiro, Ron Philbeck,
Brian R. Jones, Kristen Schoonover, and Karen Newgard)

one of my favorite Gill moments. throwing a bowl on Shapiro's wheel.
everyone stopped to watch!

There are lots of pics on Instagram and Facebook taken by folks who were there.

just use #ncpottersconf or #ncpottersconference