February 6, 2012


towards the end of the auction with just a few more paintings left.
It's Monday and I should be "Twelving" but I just wanted to send out a ♥♥ post to everyone who painted a painting and all of those who came out in support and to bid on the paintings at the 1st Annual Potter's Palette fundraiser for the NC Pottery Center.

Fred Johnston walking a painting down the aisle.

Our auctioneers, Virgil Thomas and Mark Hewitt auctioning a beautiful painting by one of my clay cousins, Samantha Henneke.
It was truly a blast with a big crowd of enthusiastic bidders and many of the potter/painters. The paintings commanded $16,000 for the Pottery Center! Thanks to all who made it a success!

Here are Adam Landman and Ron Philbeck looking a little blurry. Could have been camera the poterazzi's camera. Maybe the beer? Maybe both? ;)
Ron and I had a great drive out to Seagrove and we talked about many things. Some of which I will share after I get some pots worked on. Until then ...
Thanks to all who made the event a resounding success.