February 15, 2012


It occurred to me as I was making pots tonight that I haven't been very good about simply documenting what has been happening in the shop. I guess spending all of that time producing and editing the video is fine, but what I mean is I haven't shown the table on a regular basis. The table is where all the current pots are put before they are dealt with in one way or another. They go there to await the drying flip, or the handle(s), or the trim. (I always thought I should have a barber's pole by my treadle wheel, where I do the trimmin'.)
Anyway, let me back track and explain these pictures before I go down some rabbit hole tangent. First there is the Ford, weighed down with wood. Then there is the table. As the picture illustrates the Ole Ford made a couple o' trips to Buladean to carry wood for the upcoming firing. It was a beautiful day, just right to take a rear wheel sled into the muddy yard at Street Lumber Mill. There were a couple of bundles of wood in the side yard, both unbanded and picked on already, no doubt by some other potter heathen looking for something to burn in their kiln. The sticks can be used in a wood stove, but they're really to much to handle for the heat they produce (for most people).
Buladean is about 20 minutes from here and it is a pleasant drive northward toward Tennessee. I can usually load up the truck in 15 minutes or so, depending how much culling is necessary. The first trip today was loaded into the rick and I headed back for the second. I will make another trip on he next sunny day to get the rest needed for the firing. That was my afternoon.
After supper, I laid around mostly, then heroically decided to get my ass up to the shop for my twelve. After all, I hadn't made my pots for the day! I had been wanting to make some monkey dishes. My neighbor, Courtney makes a really nice little dish, perfect for that little something, and I had been wanting to make some like hers. That's what's in the second picture. Along with a few 4 lb. bowls, I was done with my 12 in no time. I'm not exactly proud of this light effort, but I fulfilled my daily goal at least. I could have stayed on that couch and drifted off, but I managed to make a few. It may sound trivial to say, but it is the essence of this experiment to be somewhat consistent in the making of pots on a daily basis. Now they sit on the table waiting, drying for tomorrow's trim.
So this is today's disclosure. Just in time for my European readers, as I am writing this as they wake. For everybody else that may be reading this in the states Thursday morning (or later) the pots may be sitting in the "barber's chair getting a trim.
Have a great day, wherever you are.