January 13, 2012

Snow Day

After some sledding and general hanging out with Evelyn and Lillian, I spent the afternoon working on my new website. Nothing fancy but it's up and running, here.
It doesn't feel like me quite yet. I really shouldn't even share it, but maybe I'll get some feedback on what is there so far. Feel free to comment below.

Although I have a real interest in all things internet, including programming, the benefits of DIY seem very scarce. While the bumper sticker says, I'd rather be "potting" I find myself drawn to endless tweeking of fonts, colors, layouts, widgets, and in the end find that I am better off trying to keep everything really simple. (whatever that means)

So as the sun drops out of the day I find my matches and build a fire in the really cold studio. Checking the pots I made yesterday and make a few more. Consistency is my goal for the coming weeks. Maybe the word would be steadfast. Everyday, build on the previous day's success. Until late February finds me loading the steadfastness into the kiln.