April 3, 2011

NCECA Placeholder

detail of a ted saupe teapot with sunkoo yuh graffiti

After traveling all day yesterday through various airports and cities, I'm safely home and was greeted by my wonderful daughters this morning a with banana bread, OJ, and hot coffee. What I liked most, though, were their welcoming hugs and their sweet sweet smiles. It wasn't as easy as I thought to leave home for those days of ceramics intensity in a stormy tropical city! Although I did see many old friends and I was completely overwhelmed with all that I saw there.

Which is why I'm writing this here post. It's actually just a teaser post in the strictest sense. I have a gazillion pictures to edit and a lot of video [including Robin Hopper leading his sing along/whistle along] to sort out edit, upload, etc. Not to mention that I'm buttoning up an interview for the Ceramic Monthly summer issue, [due tomorrow], and celebrating Evelyn's birthday today!

At the risk of losing some already disgruntled NCECA readers, we'll have to wait until I can get to it on Monday. As I learned during the conference, it's very hard to blog when there is so much to do! Hang in there!!