March 31, 2011

Not in Kansas

I arrived in Tampa, Fla. yesterday afternoon just minutes ahead of my buddy Mark Shapiro, who was flying in from the NE. We hooked up with Jack Troy and Carol Ann and headed into town. The weather has been stormy but thanks to my Gore-Tex rain coat i was able to get around pretty comfortably.

We registered at the conference and headed into the vendor show and looked over some pretty cool new tools over at Michael Sherrill's Mudtools booth. I should explain, here, that I haven't found a way to get my pictures off of my camera, yet.
[insert picture of cool fluting too when that happens]

I joked about my insufficient equipment for reporting yesterday, and now I'm realizing that it's no joke.

Then we had a nice convo with Janet Mansfield, and looked at her new publications. I asked her if she would ever consider being a guest blogger. She seemed very interested, although she admitted to not reading blogs. ;( we'll have to change that! ;)
[insert picture of her (extremely beautiful new monograph]

There's more about Wednesday but I'm off to Pete Pinnell's talk on the art if drinking. From what I saw last night at Gilligan's, that's something these conventioneers are pretty good at.

I'll be updating throughout the day when wifi is available. In the meantime you can get updates on my Twitter feed. Just go to my twitter feed.

Coming up: LA MESA video! and Art Stream pics! [insert crossed fingers]
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