January 10, 2011

Monday Meow Meow

Another snow day here! Kids home from school, one with a fever, another sneezing! While Stacey worked at her jewelry in her jewelry shack, I scrambled to sort clothes, clean the kitchen, and enter a blog post. I guess you know where my priorities ended up.

Here are some pictures from around the shop from the last few days.

Trimming the foot rings on these yunomis/teabowls proved to be just another leap of faith in the porcelain experiment. The clay seemed to want to be trimmed at a firmer state than I am used to. Unfortunately I haven't developed a sense of where I am with thickness!


Here's a nice pattern that was left under my bat!

Scale is another leap that I'm making. The first round of pots shrunk way more than I am used to and I made a few more cups yesterday to move past my preconceptions and to hopefully get the scale I had originally intended. The cups in the foreground are made from 1.75 lbs. of clay

Life is tough for my studio mate, Snowtoe

But she's not really living up to her name, laying around by the wood stove all day while plenty of snow continues to pile up outside. She does seem to like running around in the dark chasing shadows, though.

Now on to the dishes, first the dirty ones and then the porcelain one's waiting inside that plastic bag in the studio. Have a good meow.