January 23, 2011


You might see candy canes but I see bacon. Maybe I was hungry when I decided to pause to take this picture? But it hints at what I've been thinking about as I look over the calendar and plan out my year, my firings, and our income for the year.
Deciding on what shows to do, planning my kiln openings, planning my teaching gigs, have consumed quite a bit of energy lately. In reality, a lot of what I'm doing this year has already been penciled in as early as last summer. (thank you Red Lodge for your wonderful lead time, you deserve a link!) Other events trickle in and, before I know it, the calendar is filled up and the pots are practically sold, right?


Kinda far from it.

But.... it's a good direction to be moving, right?  Hey, in these times of economic volatility, I'm grateful to be filling up the calendar! Anyway, the firing dates have to be reasonably spread out and allocated and clay has to be dug, processed, and ready for action, etc. There's a lot to plan and coordinate! Things have to click. Momentum has to build! Blogs have to be fed...

Maybe my potter readers would benefit from a post expounding on all of my vast knowledge of organization and getting things done! "Don't pay any attention to the man behind the keyboard!" I'm not the most organized potter, but maybe I can share a few techniques that I do to help me stay on top of things in my next post!

Just maybe.

I'd better make a note of that...

Thanks for reading.