November 10, 2010

Template For Wednesday

[Insert pictures of shelves and tables filling with freshly thrown pots]

[Insert inspiring stories of charm,wit, and insight]

[insert needle on vinyl record screeeeeeeeeeching.......]

Instead here I am at mid week and find that I've made little progress during this crunch week. In fact it's turning out to be the same as most weeks. Except that I am stressing more about what needs to be done than normal! To g.t.d. today I may,
  • have to postpone progress on the chicken coop that I began building yesterday.
  • have to stay away from any yard work that the beautiful weather outside makes appealing.
on the plus side:
  • I finished up all of my pots that were under plastic late last night!
  • I'm off to start a wood stove in the shop and get an early start!
  • There is still a lot of good clay!
  • I'm excited about making some lidded jars!
  • Adjunct potter John is coming to help today (I have a solid list for him to punch out.)
I hesitate to use the phrase , but here goes,

"It's all good!"


In the meanwhile, if you have the time, check out these Svend Bayer videos that Support Your Local Potter posted yesterday. They really are all good!