November 5, 2010

I See Red

After a busy admin morning working on a web site I headed up the hill to chase down some plastic and managed to finish my cups and plates that I'm making for the Spruce Pine Montessori School. Even though our kids are in public school now I wanted to help out Mary Wray's class with their literary tea. So I made these pots for this years new students. I had wanted to get them done earlier in the school year, but hopefully they will be painting them next week and I can fire them and have them back in time for Faulkner, Agee, or Yeats, or...

before and after the slip n spin n comb!
Can anyone tell that I'm using Stan Andersen's red earthenware!?!? (Look out ,Ron) It does look a lot like my red dirt stoneware, but so much smoother. Because of its ultra smoothness (compared to my gritty dirt clay) I was thinking the whole time about this being a transition to some porcelain that I plan to unveil for the holiday online sale. I just hope I can get to spinning that soon! Meanwhile it's on to the stoneware and finishing up my making list for the upcoming shared wood firing up the road at Courtney's.