October 27, 2010


wall of plates

Today, John and I continued to pack pots that I selected from the showroom and from the last couple of firings. The pots we packed are heading to Greenwich House Pottery for the December show, Form Follows Food! On Monday I shipped pots to the Lux Center for the Arts in Lincoln Nebraska, for their Gifts From The Heart show.

We had fun measuring the capacities of the pitchers I sent to the Main St. Art Gallery in Edwardsville, IL. The show's title is "Liquid Measure" and I sent a "quart" pitcher, a "pint and two gills" pitcher, and another teeny tiny pitcher. On the hang tag's I wrote the price per ounce instead of the dollar value, thinking that it would give the viewer a pause to think what the price is in $$$. I know what your saying...what a wise ass! Well it is a show in an Art gallery!

The showroom is pretty well stocked for a change, so I decided to take a few shots of the display to be used for promotion etc. I'm still mulling over a blog about "why craft now" and some opinions of last week's "think tank" at Penland. Meanwhile, pots have to be made. Firing the CMP kiln in a few weeks!