September 19, 2010

Loading Day

By now the kiln should be loaded and I should be resting for tomorrow's firing. But instead I'm just now beginning to load. It usually takes 8 hours, sometimes 10. As things are going it will take 10. Stacey has promised to bring my peanut M & M's this afternoon. A tradition started by Cynthia Bringle in the early days if this kiln. CB would also bring salt for the kiln and salt for the potters along with her pots which I happily loaded among mine.

Not all the pots got glazed but time waits for no one, especially potters who have no respect for its determination and vigilance.

A few weeks ago I confidently stated that I would not rely on kiln "magic", but instead would inject a certain intentional quality into my work. After a week or so of 18 hour days I'm hoping for not only a little wood firing magic, but a minor miracle to boot!

it's on to the next one, firing XXXVI !