August 11, 2010

Penland Ramble

SO it's been a while since I spent several days at Penland firing the sinks. I've wanted to post some pictures from those times, that seem so long ago, now, but I've lacked the time and resources, until now. (and even now I should be loading a bisque and getting the pots made) But blogging and potting are two different sets of hands, one pair covered in slurry, another copying and pasting! It's a situation I find myself in more and more. When to blog, when to pot, when to be with family, when to walk the dog, etc. You get the picture. There is sort of an inverse outcome of actions at play here. More blogging/less potting. More potting/less blogging. Until I get an "administrative assistant" here wedging the clay or handling the photo processing, Blogging may be slow in the coming weeks, cause the potter must make pots!!

Blah, blah, blah, on with the Penland ramble and in the garbage with the whining ramble!

jocelyn, kenneth, and jana posing by the
hot kiln with sinks on one of the
hottest days of the summer!

two guys, two hands, two scars.
Zack Lopez (l), Adam Whitney (r)

product placement: obviously this potter is sponsored by MudTools!
who really needs this many ribs!

cute kiln loiterers!

cups from the kiln.
love the soda on the edges!

famous bay area artist visits!

new Penland guest house
(where my sink is installed,
more on that next week after the ribbon cutting!
party people at the guest house

pink o'clock at Penland