March 12, 2010

This Week's Poll: Online?

staying in touch

I've been thinking about the changes in my work habits in recent years and the contrasts of today's pot shop with the studio when I started out making pottery. In many ways the interweb has brought us all closer together and made the world of pottery a smaller one. We are all aware of what we are all doing and that is having an effect on the things we do and influencing the pots we make.

Whether we like it or not, email, twitter, facebook, and other sites on the internet are common ways of communicating for our generation. Do you have an office with a computer near your studio, a laptop you carry with you, a smart phone or iPod touch? Is this interconnectivity helping and informing your work? Or do you find yourself distracted by information that seems urgent but in the end keeps you from getting your work done?

updating facebook during a demo at Penland

Please let us know your thoughts on this. Obviously you all are reading this blog somewhere! Maybe it's on your iPhone, or laptop, maybe you read it while you're at the day job.

Would you be so kind as to take the poll to the right on the sidebar? It is totally anonymous and only takes one click!

Thanks. Now back to my pots!
Thanks for reading.