March 4, 2010

Hand Painting Cards

Hand painting cards with black ink. Also getting warmed up for pottery painting soon! I will have these ready for the 23rd annual NC Potter's Conference, which I'm going to today! This years conference features

Lorna Meaden, Durango, CO
Bruce Cochrane, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Sara Jaeger, Helena, MT
Jeff Zamek, Southampton, MA
Elaine Olafson Henry, Sheridan,WY
Ayumi Horie, Cottekill, NY
I'll be hanging with my blogger peeps, Ron Philbeck and Kyle Carpenter, as well as my cousins in clay, Bruce Gohlson and Samantha Henneke!! Hopefully some other blogger potters will be there and the conference will be well reported. I'm hoping to update you on what's happening. Check out my Twitter feed!

If you plan to come, please introduce yourself. I'd love to chat!