February 12, 2010

Walking and Talking (With Jack)

yesterday's output needing work this morning

Bailey's Peak through a bare poplar tree

Poor doggy, Jack, just doesn't get walked enough! He's just got all of this energy that gets wasted and misdirected to the detriment of our shoes, soft toys, and plastic anythings! So off we went this morning on our loop around the high meadow behind our house.

Meanwhile, the studio was getting warmed up for my 12 starters that I was determined yet unsuccessful at getting done by noon. I was close, but I'll blame it on Sam for gumming up the works with inspiring convo! Even with my headset I had to stroll and talk every once in a while. Sam and I are coming up with a really neat something for the blog. I'll fill you in when we have it ironed out. Meanwhile I hope you've enjoyed our other guest bloggers (Simon Levin and Ellen Denker) so far.

Now back to work!
16 tankards by 1p.m.
will you give me credit?