November 23, 2009

Wet Work (almost) Done!

Despite my best efforts to get some brushes busy and begin painting pots, I still had a few pots to make before that happens. My buddy James has been waiting for his yunomi(s) since the summer. Meanwhile I have to make my cups for the AKAR show and fire them for shipping in January, so I made James' as well. It has become somewhat of a joke every time we see each other.

I cranked up the ole treadle wheel and threw these off of the hump. It occurred to me how different this was to the big jar making of the last couple of days. One thing that these both had in common was the attempt to make the pots match. James' pots are a set, although he doesn't necessarily want them to all be exact.

While I write this and wait for my bisque kiln to go's

the face jug I promised!