November 15, 2009

Weekend? What Weekend?

After reading Tony's post today, I realized that what I really needed to do was just make some pots, fill a table! So I did. As far as the blog beat goes, there is something of a genre of a certain post that features these kinds of images. I've seen it everywhere, the table full of pots! There is something very quintessential about the table or shelves of fresh pots. The wheel and potter as a team is best described by these types of scenes. It's one of the thrills of potting, I think. To see the sheen of a freshly thrown group of pots reminds me how amazing this process is. It is a process that begins with a shovel and will end up fired to stone and on someone's table. Sometimes I ask myself, "How can this be? How did I become the recipient of such a mission, to spin mud to such a shape?"

With all of the running around and craziness today, I am thankful for the task of making these pots. It was calming.

OK, I'd better sign off before I get really weepy!

sniff, sniff...