November 22, 2009


Across the table point of view

To finish up the big pots for the kiln I made six matching 3 gallon jars. Usually when I make these pots, they're all a little different, necks smaller/larger, height, width, etc. but these are for an order I took last month for set sets of lamps! They're pretty close. This was a first for me to try to match up large pots. I thought that as long as they're about six feet apart they'll be perfect.


Up late again last night and feeling it this morning. I guess you can only cram for so long before your body starts screaming back at you. Unfortunately I caught a flu bug from Stacey a day or so ago and have been dealing with sore throat and achy muscles and now sneezing and runny nose! Consequently I don't feel up to making pots. But at this point it's not my decision. The firing can't be pushed back any further.

Last night I think the fever broke after the third jar. I guess working at this fever pitch is taking on more than the usual meaning.