November 1, 2009

porcelain bowl, ca. 2000

This is pretty random, but as I was going through the old eMac I found this little ditty from about 1999/2000. It's evidence of pre-dirt Kline. This is from a series I did as a resident at Penland. The pattern was painted on bone dry porcelain with a can of shellac that Shawn Ireland had given me as he moved out of the Barns. The shellac was painted on and then the porcelain was reduced very carefully with an elephant ear sponge. I still own most of them they were so precious to me. I did sell a few of them , though.

I did love the translucency and the process challenged me to work with a completely different technique while still exploring the patterns I made with the brush. Some of the work had several layers of shallec that let different amounts of light through. The failure rate was pretty high. Sometimes I would just botch the pots from too much handling, sometimes cracks would appear after the salt glaze firing. The process was hard on my neck and back and eventually I gave it up. The nice thing about making things in clay and firing them is that they're around somewhere, either on the hard drive or in someone's home/life.

Here's one that lives in our living room