November 18, 2009

Wood Pile

not much left to file anymore,
time for a new chain

Just in the nick of time the wood is all cut and stacked and out of the rain. My chain is just about used up. I know how it must feel. After working on the invitation to our home sale in Knoxville last night, I had nothing left for the pots. Sometimes that happens. It was a good day overall, though, I just have to get up there and make pots!

cutting instructions

The wood I get is from a saw mill in Buladean and it arrives in bundles and dumped from the bed of the truck. I cut the straps holding the bundles and restack the wood. This way I avoid getting my saw dulled by hitting rocks that are gathered up in the bundles with the wood. I also grade the wood and cull the boards that are too wide, etc. This pile is mostly what is known as eight quarter, or two inch boards. I get two firebox length cuts from the 12' length as well as 2 cord wood [wood stove] length cuts at the end. [See arrows in photo.]

the scene in the wood yard with various cull piles. there is a fair amount
of clapboard thick boards in this bundle which I will try to use
on the kiln shed at some point. I use all of the wood one way or another!

I hope you have a productive day. As always, I'll have pictures of the day later.