November 11, 2009

Muddy Shoes

"Did you hear about the midnight rambler?
He'll leave his footprints up and down your hall"
-The Rolling Stones
rainy muddy walk with jack.

This post started out a little whiney and pitiful. After all, today was a wash, inside the shop and outside, as it rained all day. It's still raining. That's good! It's been so dry and there have been some fires on the mountain.

But I deleted all that talk about flopped pots, about my clay being too soft, about the clay not cooperating, about too much coffee on a rainy day making me too uptight, too wound up to throw properly.........oh! [reprinted with permission from the author's subconcious]

After I figured out that the clay was, indeed, too soft for the 1 gallon jars that I was trying to get right, it was too late for any more potting. I had a bunch of pots that still needed to be handled before I hit the sack. They'll have to wait till tomorrow!

Blog Secret: When you haven't made a lot of work to show off at the end of the day, post a bunch of pictures, taken from different angles!

the midnight rambler