November 4, 2009

Laundry Time!

The day began with some wood stacking and some putzing around the compound, waiting for the second cup of coffee! As I washed my hands in the clean up bucket I realized that the mosquitoes that used it for their crib all summer had all flown away and the water was really cold! I guess summer is really gone?! This time of the year we have a good covering of frost on the ground in the morning and by lunch I'm in my T shirt! I forget that it's Fall sometimes, but am always reminded when I walk into my shop in the morning to its chill. I really need to get a kettle to heat up water on the wood stove for my throwing bucket!

It's another gorgeous day and after checking yesterday's pots, I decided to get rid of the huge pile of dirty towels on the floor. After awhile these kind of things (piles) disappear and don't reappear until I'm tripping over them. Maybe there is a critical mass of clay ridden towels that one reaches.
I dedicate this line of laundry to Mr. Philbeck!

Anyway, I miss hearing your comments and hope everyone is doing great. Looks like the issue won't get resolved anytime soon, since there are pots to make and towels to dry.

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