October 9, 2009

XXXII: Others

some of my favorite pots from the
firing were the double dipped RJB slip with wax
resist like this pitcher. it's always nice when a little
fly ash melts on a pot's shoulder.

this was the only pitcher that i made during this brief session

a design from a Tz'u-chou vase that I incorporated in many
pots. I use new motifs on as many pots aas I can to see how they work on various forms

a hollow rimmed bowl

one of the many cylinders that I explored in the last session

this is a little flask made by my friend Micah Cain.
Micah is a resident up at the nearby Energy Xchange.
He gave me a few of these to paint. the pinkish blush was
occurred when the flask tipped over in the kiln and laid against another pot.