October 2, 2009

waxing Moon waxing Pottery

After the pots ar painted with the wax resist, they are dipped in the RJB. The RJB stands for "Randy Johnston Bisque" . It's a nice crackly white slip that looks great on my clay in the salt. Well, sometimes it doesn't look great when it crackles right off of the pot, but mostly it is the perfect vehicle for a surface that has good color and texture.

Here is a closeup of the RJB beading on the wax brushwork. I then dab off the beads from the pot although that's not completely necessary as a small bead gets absorbed in the design or pops off after the firing.

There are a few more pots that need glazing before the loading happens tomorrow. Mighty Micah Cain is on board for the loading and will have some work in the firing.