October 1, 2009

Update on Video, Etc.

doesn't this look like a big eye? It's my wax
resist after a couple of drops of food coloring!

After a great night of painting, I actually set up a video of myself and a big jar and shot it on my Fuji still camera. No problem, except that it was 12 minutes long and had a gigantic file size!! So I've been limping along this morning with the little Mac rainbow wheel! I'll explain...The computer I'm using is from 2002, the year of our first-born, Evelyn. Evelyn is 7. eMac is 7. In computer years eMac is dead, or should be. But I must say that it is chugging along. But I don't have time to chug along with it this morning. So off I go to the studio while it compresses the video file for youtube. Meanwhile I thought I would share a few pictures from yesterday.

the orange is ink that will burn out. this is my copy of the peony design.
i'm not that thrilled about it, but i did enjoy setting up the leaves. (see also, below)

little jar about 3" high

The peony leaf design (r) ended up being a
cool "new" direction that I used a lot.

Check back to see the video!!