October 30, 2009

Tom White

circa 1974

I got a call from an old friend up in Mass. the other day. We had a nice chat and he told me about his new website. You may remember mention of Tom White a while back. He sent me a beautiful jug with a fish stopper, that Lillian likes to sip from time to time.

Well you've got to check out Tom's page. Here's a link to his early years! These pictures are not to be missed. Tom, no doubt from these pictures, fought in the early battles of selling pots across this great land back in the 1970's!

He's also go a nice gallery of the pots he's making today. Check it out. Tell him I sent you!
And it's not to late to start planning your trip to Northfield, MA for

the 30th annual
Tom White Pottery Holiday Sale!

(WOW! I had just graduated from high school 30 years ago.
Some of ya'll weren't even born!)

Every year Tom sends out a great holiday
card to all of his fans. Here is one of those.

Tom's sale this year will be on Dec. 12-13th and 19-20th. I'll try to remember to to remind you.