October 29, 2009


When I came in the shop this morning and went to the wheel to throw I noticed the layering of earthenware clay and white slip from yesterday's slip spray had marbleized very nicely. So I snapped this picture being the resident shutterbug.

It was a beautiful day with lots of sun and bright fall colors in the hills around the shop. I continued to work the earthenware for the special Montessori pots that I'll need to bisque over the weekend. Meanwhile I'll need to get started on some stoneware.

Other activities that filled the day:
  • re-rolled fluorescent red tape onto a spool while talking to Sam.
  • packed and shipped some pots.
  • cleaned showroom and priced some pots.
  • cut a bunch of cord wood
  • took Jack on our trail loop up the hill and around the edge of the woods
  • baked some rye bread
  • found Google Mars!
  • sanded plate rack getting it ready for a fresh coat of paint
a good day