October 13, 2009

Coffee Break vol. 23

Just back from the SPPM and prepping the booth for the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands this weekend. But before I pack the truck, why not have a piece of coffee cake and a cup of joe? The cake courtesy of Erin Peters of Bula Bags in Buladean!

Erin is the better half of Mark "pallet-kiln" Peters and she catered the pottery market last weekend. Yummy doesn't do justice to the fine food Erin served up! Maybe "sublime" would be more appropriate.

As for the cup, it's one of my signature 'breakfast cups' with some "church" coffee. French Roasted! I just got it back from Gary Roper. My show with Dan Finnegan is over and it was one of the pots that didn't fly out the door. Gary came down from Lewisburg last night and took a tour of the "compound".

But if I hear one more person say, "that's a big cup of coffee!" I think I'll just.....well, I'm sure ill hear it again. Alway's do. Hey, I know it's big but just look at the size of cups people are being served at their favorite coffee boutique!

We'll, just thought I would share the coffee break with you all. Still planning to return to more regular blogging soon. Just have to stay focused on making some moolah.