September 28, 2009

Handling Jugs

no horizontal surface left!

Not sure what to say. It was a good day, but at this point even a good day may not be enough. But it's all I can do to finish these pots and get them deco'd before I load the kiln this coming Saturday.

Today's work involved cutting feet on the big bowls and handling jugs! I also handled some of the 2 lb jars. Some of these little pot's handles are simply ridiculous in scale, but I approached these little pots with the idea that I wanted to get the handles on fast and decisively. So some of these were pretty off base, time to fuss!

I'm hoping to hear from Turner, who's been my consultant on these jug handles. Basically Tom says bigger, so maybe these are getting there as far as scale goes. He's right, some of the 2 gallon jugs with thin strappy handles wouldn't inspire confidence when filled . SO each round I hope to get better.

After doing the jug on the right side's handles I made sure to refer to The Potter's Eye and the pot I remembered having two honkin' handles! It just looks strange to me. It has such a different look than the one on the right, a little too streamlined. I miss seeing the spout, which gets lost between the handle terminals.

It's a beauty (by Daniel Seagle, 19c. NC potter) and you figure that with about 10 gallons of liquid and the weight of the pot, we're talking about at least a hundred pounds. Those handles better be beefy, right? My jugs are only about four or five gallons and I thought a lot about getting the handles big enough, just in case someone decided to actually use these pots!!

Well this is what I'm up to as I head into a week of deco and glaze. I hope you enjoy reading. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, it's always good to hear from ya'll.