September 22, 2009

Girls, Dogs, and Rainy Days

Stacey and I were both home working yesterday and it was nice to know we were both doing what we love. Here is my lady and our dog Jack, enjoying some blurry quality time in Stacey's jewelry shop.
Stacey is working on some new pieces for the fall and upcoming shows, including our annual Holiday sale in December. The above are special red wax models that will be "sprued" together and cast in either 18k gold or sterling silver. Notice that some have stones already set into the wax. The wax will melt out during a burnout phase in Stacey's little kiln and the stones will hopefully remain in place in the plaster/silica mold! Pretty cool. See more of my love's work here.

I thought this finished piece was particularly interesting. It's part of a set of cast Sterling "toothpicks" or small skewers you might want to use in a Martini, say! They are some of the most interesting toothpicks you will find!

Meanwhile up on the hill, I attached lots of little tiny handles to my 1# jars and threw some bottles and such, trimmed some rolled rim bowls, and did some incising which I talked about earlier in the day. I used some orange sumi-e ink that I had lying around to map out the carving. I learned that trick from this blog, and I think Ron uses tempera to paint on the patterns??
Tomorrow I hope this clay will be stiff enough to throw some big pots. This week is going to be crucial in making enough pottery to fill the kiln. If I have a couple dozen larger pots it will make the kiln less vacant. But it will also be important to enough table ware in there as well. I have two shows that I'll be doing in October. I'll tell you about them soon. It's late and I'm heading quickly to my pillow.

But before I sign off, I wanted to ask you all to try the comment system and help me work out some bugs. I changed some settings yesterday to helpfully deal with continued problems with Disqus. If you could take a moment and say Hi, so that we can see if it works better, that would be great. I'm sorry that this issue keeps coming up. If it's doesn't work, I'm prepared to switch back to blogger/google's commenting system which seems to be more reliable.

Thanks for taking the time to read and follow my tribulations, and hope that you will continue to swing on by.