September 28, 2009

Getting Ready To Paint

As I sort out the bisque ware and set up slips, wax resist, brushes, I'm getting my mind switched over from potting to painting! Speaking for myself and my methods they both require momentum and repetition but at he same time seem so different.

As I browse some of my favorite pottery monographs, I always visit this pot, bookmarked with a worn out and faded yellow post-it note. It is Chin dynasty Tz'u-chou wine jar (1115-1234)
height 16.75" (or 42.5 cm.)

I'm always blown away by the vigorous brushwork and realism in it's silhouetted peonies and leaves. To borrow Steven Colby's riff, I wish I had made it! Or rather I wish I had painted it!

Maybe it's time I gave it the old school effort and try a version on my crockery.