August 4, 2009

Blagging Behind

When does a blog become a blag? Lagging so far behind in promised content, I seem to have drifted too far from the Sawdust and Dirt shores these days. The last post from last week was titled something like "Results, Pt. 1" or something to that effect. I can't remember! Sorry I implied that I would continue with a Part II...But I did manage to publish a lot of the pots in this Facebook Album. While you're there check out the Barnyard Pottery Experiment.

Here is a 'before and after' shot of the kiln's back stack. I like to keep this record because I forget so soon after unloading the pots and the reshuffling of distribution begins.

before and after shot of the back of the kiln

Other News

I'm hard at work getting my first ever online Sale together and will announce that date and time here on ye olde blogge very soon, so stay tuned! The sale will be of my favorite pots from the last kiln and you will be able to click and buy them! I know a lot of you all have written me about where you can purchase pots and this will be a great opportunity. I've saved the best pots for you and am busy shooting some nice images for the sale!

Jack and Lily

We have a new puppy named Jack. Stacey found him online at the Avery County Humane Society and he's a beagle terrier mix. He's about 10 weeks old and has already captured our hearts and put us in his trance! We are completely powerless and are in his service completely!

Tomorrow, I have a bunch of pictures to share with you on an all new "Penland Ramble".