June 30, 2009

Random Monday

Here are a few pictures that describe the day I had today in no particular order.

some of the sandy light stoneware I'm using this go around.
For glazed pots.

hay bales. we lease the hay field to our neighbors who take the hay!

pugging some reclaim

more plates with light sandy stoneware

little tumblers in #6 tile slip

a nice mug I got in the mail from Scott Cooper. We're trading!

remote control.
Today's sounds included Ben Webster, NPR, The Ravonettes,
Destroyer, Deerhunter, and Wolf Parade!

the table. 12# bowls, 3.5# plates

random things that are collecting on the woodstove, including a vase
I am donating to my high school reunion
(thirty years!!) raffle!
I was supposed to ship it Friday, sorry Angelia...

Activities not represented in this photo barrage,
  • fixing the digital converter box so that we could watch PBS on our analog, rabbit ears powered TV again
  • talking with some potter friends on some of the many unused minutes of my upgraded cell phone plan
  • making a 7 foot haystack, old school style, with the pitchfork.
  • playing with the girls
  • facehookingbooking
  • grabbing chickens
  • fitting and oiling a new screen door, getting it ready to hang
  • feeding chickens
  • laying in the hammock
It was a full-on day that's just now ending with this post. It was a gorgeous day, the kind of clear bright Monday that my Dad would call a "blue Monday". Until next time.......