June 15, 2009

Back on the Horse, Somehow

[muffling tapping sound as if a speech or announcement is about to be made...]

After a peaceful "blogcation" one must begin somewhere. While away from the keyboard and mouse I have been busy with sales, and blessed by many visitors. Antonia Campanella has been here to lend a hand as my intern from the Cleveland Institute of Art and we've had a great time working together on the Toe River Arts Council Studio Tour last weekend. I've missed sharing all of these times of the past two weeks, only occasionally sending somewhat random pictures from my phone. The space and time during such a blogcation fills quickly and there is much to do (always), and getting back in the game is awkward and a bit like getting in a rapidly spinning revolving door. So as an exercise, before dashing into the revolving door of ye olde blogge, I though I would do as most writer's do and just start typing, or in my case hunt and peck.

Some things haven't changed, I still have dial-up here at the HQ, as well as the old eMac. I try to fine tune the new workshop and prepare for a new session there, with an ever hopeful spirit that this is going to be the best one yet. I hope to build on the successes of the last batch of pots, largely gone off into the world, now, and correct the mishaps by triangulating experience, speculation, and blind luck.

It seems that I've covered most of the topics one can in this blog, but hope to drill down deeper and share what I find in this pottery blog mining with you in the coming weeks. I'm inspired by other potters/artists who take on their keyboard yoke to share their thoughts, opinions, and insights, like Whitney Smith, Ron Philbeck, Scott Cooper, and Catherine White, to name just a few.

["Wow, that wasn't so bad. Well, maybe a little melodramatic. {bleeeep!} Oh, is this mic still on?"]