May 3, 2009

The Sauna

platter on a ladder and other damp pots under
the fan and near the wood stove on this beautiful spring day.

Even though it's fairly warm out I started a wood stove last night and cranked up the fan to dry out the wares. I dipped all of the big cups in # 6 Tile slip and that takes a while to really dry. A bit of irony here as just last week I was thinking to myself that I need to convert my dry box to a damp box just to stay ahead of the drying. The weather is such an important part of this making process.

With just a few days before the firing there are only two days to bisque fire. I've been working long days and it's this tight of schedule when I feel like a truck driver out on the road. At least I get to see the family in passing, but it's no fun being out in the shed. Gotta run.