May 4, 2009

Nice Pair

I've hunted down a couple of pictures from a couple of my favorite books, Raised in Clay and Common Clay. The former is a wonderful catalog of southern potters initially published in 1984 and reissued in 1994 with a new afterword by author Nancy Sweezy. The latter is another fine survey of some southern potters working around the time of 19 and 71. Common Clay was written by the late Charles Counts.

illustration of late Alabama potter Norman Smith's heater/dryer
from "Raised In Clay"
(illust. by Daphne Shuttleworth)

Mrs. Smith stoking the heater.

a page from the book "Common Clay" shows Mr. Smith
holding what appears to be a piggie
bank in front of heater/dryer.

So, you see, history/necessity repeats itself. Although my operation is a little smaller, a potter's got to dry out their wares!

Go out or log on and buy these books if you don't have them, already. They are indespensible. If you don't I might get in trouble for not asking permission to use these pictures.