May 8, 2009

Let the Cleanup Begin

Micah Cain came by this evening after his stint with Barking Spider Pottery and their Hamada-matic ram press to help me finish glazing the pots. There are a few cups and a few bowls that still have to be painted and glazed, but they're low priority. Friday is loading day and if there is room in the kiln I'll glaze'em then. Tomorrow is also clean up for the party day.

keeping the kids busy so they won't play in the street

Evelyn got a jump on her chores by mopping the showroom floor with the Turner Spic'n'Span Special. I love the red dirt color the mop is taking on. Maybe it's time for a new mop head?

Here is the library, well what Stacey could fit in to the new to me book case! Stacey found it at the local Habitat store! We're not sure where the book case will finally rest, but for now it sits on top of the old library table with some pots.