May 2, 2009

Introducing the eBat™

the eBat™ clearing the treadle wheel

the eBat™ underbelly

I love using the treadle wheel to cut feet on plates, bowls, etc. It's relaxing to hear the clip clop of the treadle and I get to sit down for a change. Plus it's very easy to stop to make adjustments. But when I have big plates or bowl I always have to use the Shimpo Scream™ without the splash pan and clay trimmings fly everywhere!


Now I have just the thing! The eBat™! Tonight a moment of iClarity™ took me to the next level. Now there's the super duper eBat™!
[eBat™ because names with the e or i in front of them look cool. ™ because I just learned the keystroke for "™"] The new Kline Pottery eBat™ will accommodate up to 18"platter or bowl.
Order yours today!
Maybe I will start a specialty tool business!

Maybe not.