May 26, 2009


I know what you're saying? Is there no filter on this guy's brain? Can he ever just keep quiet? I know what Stacey is thinking as she sees this, "I'm gonna kick his buttocks into the studio and throw away that damn eMac!"

The answer, of course is, no, to both queries. My answer to Stacey? That's private. Some things gotta be!

Well, being a visually oriented person, [critically minded, negative, take your pick] sometimes things that are so commonplace and usually overlooked, snap out, and bite my eyes. As I began to clean up the mess of this postal mailing for the Cousins in Clay™ studio sale/kiln opening, I wondered where I should put all of this self stick backing paper. Is it really paper? Then I see that the brand I used for mailing labels, Avery, has this logo

that is clever in its design to look a lot like the recycling logo,
wouldn't you say? Notice the red color, red, not green? Is this stuff recyclable? Would someone with the knowledge of such things PLEASE answer this question before I get my bigg butt kicked, by you know who, so that I can get on with some pottery making? Maybe someone from Avery, (not their lawyer)? Get back to me.