May 11, 2009

Days End, Potters Rest

a photo montage of the early morning shift of me, myself, and I.
about 4 a.m.

I'm about too tired to blog, but I wanted to get these out there for ya before I hit the sack. Firing # 30 was a good one, so far. Only time will tell the story of what happened today. With fantastic help from neighbor Alan Gratz, and Stacey's early morning help, the kiln fired off in almost record time. Alan and I decided that it would be best to "soak" the kiln at the end for about an hour and it payed off with all identical cones all around! We used about 20 lbs of salt and it took about 14.5 hrs. Alan shot a bunch of video which he no doubt will upload soon. I'll let you know. In the meanwhile check out Alan's blog that he writes with his wife, Wendi, here.

flame from one of the blow holes

Alan putting the wood to the fire

I couldn't help but mention our "sponsor"

two live crew