May 6, 2009

Blame It On The Blog

Well the posting has slowed down as the critical thinking required to paint all of the new pots has taken priority! In my fantasy I had hoped to have everything glazed and ready for the loading tomorrow. Well the reality is that I still have 40 pieces to paint and glaze!! Where did they all come from? Has someone been sneaking in here after I leave to make more pots? I think I will just blame all of this confusion and delay on too much blog!


I guess this means another late night of painting and glazing and a jam packed day starting early in the a.m. Sorry 'bout the lack of pictures. I haven't gotten far enough away from my compound today, and I hope that my dear Ms. Wonderful will have time to stop by the Ingles on the way home to get more batteries! Besides, I just didn't have the heart to ask Courtney for AA batteries.

As I look over ye olde cheque liste I see that I successfully obtained more wax from just over the hill at Courtney Martin's. [THANK YOU CM! I owe U bigtime] And Courtney was able to give up just enough Custer feldspar to mix my test batch of tenmoku, which I wanted to compare to my existing amber glaze. The tenmoku has 10% red iron oxide and it looks pretty intimidating wherever it lands. My buddy Sam says the tenmoku follows him around the studio and one of the main reasons for him not using it is that it gets everywhere! My clean out bucket of water is already red just from cleaning up after the mixing.
I also organized all the glazes and unloaded the bisque kiln. Still need to clear out all of the pottery from the kiln shed and set them up in the revamped show room. Stacey found a nice little book case at the Habitat store in Spruce Pine. So my pottery books have a new home! Now you know why I call her Ms. Wonderful!

I'll get more pictures when I get batteries and I'll be talking to you later.

P.S. As if I weren't busy enough, I'm also texting updates to my 82 Twitter followers and updating on Facebook friends as well. We have fans all over!