April 22, 2009

Wednesday Morning Chatter

With more nice weather, today, I hope to get some more grooming done on the grounds in anticipation for the big shindig coming up next month. The grass seed I 'broadcast' last week is beginning to show itself through the straw, thanks to the steady exchange of rain and sun, P.T.L.! I made several attempts last year to grow grass on the raw clay banks behind the studio, but gave up as each attempt failed. Fingers are crossed that this round one takes. Now if I can just keep the kids from running all over the new grass...and the merrymakers .

Speaking of merry makers, my father in law, George Lane, is throwing a party to celebrate the new studio on May 9th.(the aforementioned shindig) We'll send more invites out, and if you live around the greater Penland area you might see this poster!

a fancy little poster Stacey
made in her recent letterpress
class at Penland!

As we get closer to the date I'll remind you all. But if your coming from over seas you might want to go ahead and make arrangements for travel.
Talk to you later.