April 30, 2009


As some of you have no doubt noticed the posts have slowed down to just 2 a day (ha) and I haven't been answering my phone this past week. That because I'm deep in the woodshed. [This is a phrase I first heard from a budding saxophonist up in Northampton, MA years ago. He would say that he was going "to shed" which is jazzy-jive speak for getting really into it. Think of a trance state of mind, deeply focused.] That's where I'm at and I'll only come out to eat and sleep (and blog). Well, that may be an exaggeration.

[Seems like Doug is doing some shedding of a different sort.]

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Now it's off to the shed for some real hand's on fun!

talk about getting into pots! but
no time for laying around on the porch.