April 30, 2009

Follow Up and Apologies

I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner and not posting for several hours now. ["Geez, slacker", you might say.] But here is the result of the the suggestions I recieved from Kyle, Jerry, and Brandon. As you can see I took the majority advice and stuck with one handle. Sippy cup kept ringing in my ears! I did take liberties, though, of applying the handle on the left, as you can plainly see. I think it's only fair to give those lefties their due.


cups on the top row are for the ambidextrous,
the row below are clearly for the right brained.

Ok, here is the rack with big breakfast cups that I handled after supper. The amber glazed cup at the right is the prototype. These should hold, when fired, a tall grande latte from your neighborhood barista.

There you have it. Tomorrow is another day and another month. Lillian will turn 5 in four days. I will get to some brushwork real soon. The bisque kiln is still rolling and I will most likely have a few pots that will have to be raw glazed.

Did I mention that this firing is primarily for my solo show at Leslie Ferrin Gallery in Pittsfield, MA ? More on my history with the Ferrin Gallery soon and other cool stuff. Nighty night.