April 22, 2009

Doing What Had To Be Done

not the ideal bracket, but they're paid for!

What was I thinking???

I finally broke down today and pierced the holy drywall on the south wall. A wall that I had first designed to have a big six foot wide window, but soon realized I needed the wall for shelving! But I couldn't decide on the shelves, brackets, and procrastinated the inevitable. Instead, I move stuff around constantly during the day, looking for space, when all I needed to do was put the effing cheap metal brackets up and get on with it (already) !!!

Anyway, the shelves helped to clear up precious table real estate for the pots coming off the wheel and I had my first real day of potting, aside from the time I took to put up the brackets. Incidentally, for those of you who like statistics, the brackets are now on their third tour of duty. First the Penland Barns studio (1998), then the Micaville studio (2001), now the Snow Creek studio (2009).

table of 4 lb. bowls

I made some 4 lb. bowls this evening and wanted to make a real simple serving bowl with a serviceable rim like the ones I used to make on the "bread" bowls, but not as pronounced. So I eventually came up with the ones on these. One thing I like about using bat pins is that I can put a pot back on the wheel and re-do a line or a rim, as I did on a few of the early ones here.