March 18, 2009

NC Potter's Conference (Still)

Alex Matisse, myself, and Ron Philbeck
at the main venue during a break
at the 22nd Annual N.C. Potters Conference

I'm OK, really. Thanks for all of those concerned about my welfare. I'm just a little behind in all departments and haven't been able to post lately. There has been some pretty good coverage of the conference, though. Here are a few of the stories in case you missed them.Link Michael Mahan of Seagrove has several posts about the conference including a recent post of some work inspired by what he saw and heard. Bruce and Samantha of Bull Dog Pottery have a nice post today and Julie Jones of Durham writes about what she found interesting. Here's Ron Philbeck's coverage! Meredith over at Whynot Pottery caught me having a good time at the Friday Night Dinner and wrote about the conference here. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Benjamin Gufford at the conference but he has a very nice blog here, with coverage from the event, including some videos which I haven't seen yet (remember, dial up, here?) but will see when we switch to high speed (soon!).
Nancy Utterback gave a wonderful presentation to complete the weekend and spoke eloquently about "green" practices in the individual or group studio. She and Melissa Oliveira have started a blog about such . It can be found here. I hope you will contribute to the conversation over at Green Ceramics. It's an important topic in these times.

Things get old really fast here on the bloggo-potto-sphere! I hope that I don't miss the already fading deadline to post my impressions of the NC PC in the next day or so. Thanks for keeping in touch.