February 10, 2009

Sawdust and Clay?

As you can see the wood working tools have barely cooled off and the sawdust is still everywhere, but I really NEED to make a few pots. Make way for plates! It's barely a start and there are a few fixtures not in place, but what the hey? (or is it hay?) For those paying attention these plates are not being made with my usual clay body. It's a commercial, premixed stoneware. Hmmm. [My red dirt stoneware reclaim is still under plastic until I can get a decent wire that won't snap when I tighten the turnbuckle. I have a mind to tear open our piano. hehehe...]

Another beautiful day here in the mountains. Doors and windows are open. Bees are buzzin'.
Back to work before picking up my gals from Montessori School.